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The MZ-700 series 

You'll find here a lot of information about one of the first homecomputers developed by SHARP in the early 80's and well known by much fans around the world up to the current time: The SHARP MZ-700 series.

In November 1982 SHARP / Osaka / Japan started to sell 20,000 Personal Computer of its MZ-700 series. If you have more information about the following history, please let me know.

A lot of hardware and software was produced for the MZ-700:

Hardware: floppy disks and contollers, 80-character-cards, graphic-expansion, RAM- and ROM-disks, RAM- and ROM-expansions, new monitor ROMs, optical scanners, joysticks, mouse, QuickDisk and controller, A/D-converter, serial port RS232, printers, acoustic coupler, colour-monitors, and much more.

Software: various Basics, Disk-Basics and Basic-compilers, CP/M, Pascal, Assembler, Disassembler, LOGO, Fortran, Forth, Wordstar/Mailmerge, D-Base II, Multiplan, CAD, and tons of utilities and games.

The following advertising leaflet printed by SHARP / Germany in July 1983 will give you a first overview about the MZ-700 series:

SHARP MZ-700 series
Personal Computer

Big capability and high versatility
by 64 KB RAM.


Your "personal"
computerfun starts
by the SHARP MZ-700


SHARP presents: The MZ-700 series. All models are distinguished by a forward-looking technology, a large amount of progressive functions, and various possible storage configurations. The powerful Z-80A microprocessor, his high processing speed, and the 64 KB RAM-area are some of the highlights of the SHARP MZ-700 series.

The inexpensive debut into "Personal Computing" will begin by the SHARP MZ-711 already. That system can be connected immediately to a usual television like the complete MZ-700 series can be too and is advanceable step by step to a comfortable computersytem by further expansions.

The SHARP MZ-731 is a complete computer system immediately, but the chances to expand it by additional peripherals like printers, monitors, floppies, and so on, are nearly unlimited.

Powerful work, high processing speed
The integrated microprocessor Z-80A passes an economical and high processing speed to the MZ-700 series.

Large program storage area
A storage area of 64 KB RAM is available to the user.

Connection to a television
The inbuild RF-modulator renders the usage by a standard television feasible instead of a monitor. Optional available are a 12"-monochrome-green-monitor (MZ-1D04) and a 14"-colour-monitor (MZ-1D05), both for a more clear and well focused display of the data.

Comfortable, user-definable keys
5 user-definable function-keys help to store and to recall quickly 10 most recently needed commands.

User-friendly keyboard
4 cursor-keys, keys for deletions and insertions (Insert/Clear, Delete/Home), and 5 user-free definable keys enables the user to handle the keyboard easyly and comfortable.

The connection of a data recorder and a televison

SHARP MZ-711 MZ-711
The MZ-711 is designed user-friendly. Simple connect it to your audio recorder* and to your television, and by this, your "personal" computer system works immediately. The television becomes a monitor. A total new world is opened. Optional the data recorder (MZ-1T01) and the colour graphic plotter (MZ-1P01) are obtainable and integrateable into the main system. *Depending of the technical data of the audio recorder

The high-performance model with an inbuild data recorder

SHARP MZ-721 MZ-721
The inbuild data recorder enables you to save and refind own programs and data. By this, various applications are disposable for you at every time.

The high-quality, "independent" Personal Computer

SHARP MZ-731MZ-731
The compact and complete system. The MZ-731 contains a data recorder and a colour graphic plotter for 4-coloured printouts (black, blue, red, and green). Optional 26, 40, or 80 characters per line, and likewise, beautiful 4-coloured graphics can be printed. The command "PLOT ON" is used to print automatically the input*, unimportant if these were monitored or not. In other words, the printer-plotter can be used instead of the monitor and the MZ-731 can be brought into action practically wherever possible.Optionally monitors (MZ-1D04/MZ-1D05) are obtainable. *Any kind of pseudographic will not be printed

MZ-700 series system configuration

MZ-700 system configuration

Technical data
MZ-700 series
CPU Z-80A (3.5 MHz)
ROM Monitor
Character generator
4 KByte
2 Kbyte
RAM Program:
64 KByte
4 KByte
Keyboard ASCII-keyboard
Definable function-keys
Keys for insertions and deletions (INS, DEL)
Display Screen structure: 40 characters x 25 lines
Graphic: 80 x 50 pixel (8 colors)
Color TV or monitor usable
  • Inbuild RF-modulator to connect a color TV
  • RGB-connector
  • combined connection
Interface inbuild printer interface and cassette recorder interface
Loudspeaker inbuild, output 500mW max.
Clock function inbuild
Power supply AC: 220V/50 Hz, approx. 20W
Temperature operating: 0 to 35 degrees Centigrade
storing: -20 to 60 degrees Centigrade
Humidity of the atmosphere operating: max. 85 %
Dimensions MZ-731: width 440 mm, height 102 mm, depth 305 mm
MZ-721: width 440 mm, height 86 mm, depth 305 mm
MZ-711: width 440 mm, height 86 mm, depth 305 mm
Weight MZ-731: 4.6 kg
MZ-721: 4.0 kg
MZ-711: 3.6 kg
Color printer (MZ-1P01)
Colors black, blue, red, and green
Print capacity 80, 40, or 26 columns per line
Datarecorder (MZ-1T01)
Cassette audio compact cassette
Data transfer rate
(SHARP M-system)
1200 bit/sec.

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