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MZ disk interface MZ-1E14 
( for the MZ-700 )  

The MZ-700 disk interface MZ-1E14

Inside the MZ-700 disk interface MZ-1E14
( Inside the MZ-1E14 )

The QD MZ-1F11 and the I/F MZ-1E14  
This interface connects an MZ-700 series personal computer and the MZ-1F11 disk drive.
The interface reads the system software ( BASIC 5Z-008 etc. ) with built in IPL ROM.
( This takes about 8 seconds, not including AUTO RUN. )

Three types of files can be cataloged on a MZ disc:

  1. BASIC text file ( program )
  2. Sequential data
  3. Machine language ( system software, etc. )

Up to 32 files can be cataloged on one side of a disc ( the number of files equals to the number of programs or group data entries ). If only one program file is cataloged per side, the maximum storage capacity is 64 Kbytes. As the number of files increases, the storage capacity decreases. This is because a gap is required between files. Sequential data files are blocked in units of 1 Kbytes; the maximum storage capacity of a disc side is about 40Kbytes.

Parts of the interface

parts of the interface


To connect the MZ disc drive to an MZ-700 series computer, perform the following.

Remove the data recorder, or the cover ( for MZ-711 or MZ-710 ).
  1. Turn off the power of the computer and unplug the AC cord. Remove the two screws holding the data recorder from the left rear side of the computer. Lift the data recorder out of its mounting. ( See picture below )
  2. Remove the connector ( CN1 ) between the data recorder and the MZ-700 series computer.

    removing the data recorder

Note When the data recorder is to be used, connect it to the MZ-1F11 connector ( click here for details ).

Install the MZ-1F11

  1. Remove the bottom plate of the MZ-1F11 as follows:
    1. Unscrew the screws holding the bottom plate at the rear side.
    2. Remove the bottom plate in the direction indicated by the arrow.

    removing the bottom plate

    removing the bottom plate

  2. Connect CN2 ( from the bottom of MZ-1F11 ) to the connector of the computer main unit that was originally connected to the data recorder. ( See picture below )
  3. Mount the MZ-1F11 where the data recorder was originally, using the screws that held the data recorder in place.

    mounting the MZ-1F11

connecting MZ-1E14 and MZ-1F11
Connecting the MZ-1E14 and the MZ-1F11 ( see picture above )

  1. Remove the cover for the external output terminal ( I/O bus ) at the back of the computer main unit by unscrewing the two screws for mounting the MZ-1F11.
  2. Plug CN5 of the MZ-1E14 into the external output terminal at the back of the computer and secure it with the two screws you just removed.
  3. Insert CN3 at the rear of the MZ-1F11 into CN4 of the MZ-1E14 and secure the connection using the screws originally securing CN3.

This completes connection of the MZ-1F11, the MZ-1E14 and the computer.

Connecting the data recorder ( see picture above )

The remover data recorder can be connected as an external unit to the computer as follows:

  1. Remove the cover for CN6 from the rear of the MZ-1F11, then insert CN1 from the bottom of the data recorder into CN6.
  2. Use the extension cable to be connected to CN1 and CN6, if you prefer more distance between the data recorder and the computer main unit.

This step completes the procedure. Switch on the power, and check operation.

Click here for the pinout of the connectors.
Click here for the technical data.

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last updated January 18, 2004